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Our qualified C-Level coaches and mentors have more
than 20 years’ experience in commercial leadership roles.

Workplace benefits:

  • Your career: options, opportunities and threats, strategy, home-work balance

  • Your leadership effectiveness: especially when leading through change (e.g. a personal transition such as promotion, or M&A activity)

  • Your direct reports: making hire/keep/fire judgements, reassignments, promotions

  • Your finance: exit options, M&A choices & outcomes, MBO/I

Personal effectiveness benefits:

  • Personal accomplishment: Sustaining change, even when being tested and achieving stretching goals

  • Influencing: relationship management, leadership and followership, stakeholder relations, negotiation

  • Well-being: Happiness, flow & balancing emotions, relationships, mindfulness

  • Resilience: Stress management, positivity and grounded optimism, emotional control
    and energy


Graham Keen

Henrik Hansen

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