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GKPsy is an evidence-based business performance accelerator for you to acquire supreme achievement & peerless wellbeing in harmony.

GKPsy realises individual potential, improves profits, and delivers change that sticks. Corporate results and competitive advantage improve dramatically, optimising shareholder returns and your potential exit timing and value.

There are three GKPsy blended-learning options:

Diamond is our flagship intervention. A 12-month blended-learning programme that combines eight one-day classes (live or live-online), and three 1-2-1 mentoring sessions, with our video-based online learning portal. Diamond also includes highlights for delegates’ direct reports both live and via our portal.

Platinum is our rapid strategic intervention. An 8-month blended-learning programme that combines seven one-day live/live-online classes, and one 1-2-1 mentoring session, with our online learning portal.

Gold is our fastest pace intervention for delegates with rapid learning styles and organisations seeking sudden positive impact. A 3-month blended-learning programme that combines five one-day live/live-online classes with our online learning portal.

There are two GKPsy digital options via our portal:

Diamond our full flagship accelerator content: 15 modules comprising 63 videoed lessons and access to monthly open Q&A sessions.

Highlights: of Diamond’s content: 8 modules comprising 28 videoed lessons and access to our monthly Q&A sessions.

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