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new • impetus • after COVID • back to work resilience

A resilience & wellbeing accelerator for personal happiness & business effectiveness,
for your employees working from home or heading back to the office.

New Impetus COVID-Resilience is a seven month online programme for rebuilding and/or protecting mental health, wellbeing, and personal effectiveness at work and in home-life. It is designed to support people whose resilience has been tested or eaten away by a year of lockdown. Equally it is intended to put those same people in the right state of mind and action to make a success of the transition into the coming post-lockdown world (which will bring its own new stress factors).


This evidence based programme includes the techniques the US Army has been using since 2009 to teach their people to build resilience in the face of trauma, which has halved the incidences of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. It’s a video-based programme people can take at their own pace, and also features techniques we’ve been using for 20 years to improve quality of life.

If you want to do something for your colleagues to support them in these uniquely testing times, to help them thrive again, to feel more in control of their lives and outcomes, to be happier and improve their mental health, to protect them from the risk of long-term sickness-absence, then look no further, that is exactly what Graham Keen and Henrik Hansen have designed New Impetus COVID-Resilience to deliver.

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New Impetus COVID Resilience Online

video from the programme

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